Statistical Indices for SeqAn - Documentation
Statistical Indices for SeqAn - Documentation
This package is on open source C++ library for SeqAn providing efficient algorithms and data structures for the statistical analysis of sequences, in particular for biology.
1 Getting Started
All the documentation present in this web site is in regard to the package Statistical Indices for SeqAn. The interested reader will find all the documentation about SeqAn at
The collection of example programs demonstrates how to use the data structures and functions offered.
2 Contents of this Documentation
OverviewAn introduction to Statistical Indices for SeqAn.
New Classes The new data structures included in SeqAn. Most of them are class templates and some have template specializations.
Specializations Specializations of class templates.
FunctionsThe new global functions for statistical analysis.
Examples Small programs that demonstrate the application of Statistical Indices for SeqAn.
3 Concepts and Tutorials
Installation Installation of Statistical Indices.
Input/Output FormatsFile Input/Output formats.
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