15th International Workshop on

Pseudo-Hermitian Hamiltonians in Quantum Physics

May 18-23, 2015, University of Palermo, Italy

Aims and Scope
The meeting will be devoted to the mathematical and physical aspects of non-Hermitian operators and, in particular, to PT-Symmetry, PT-optics, Spectral singularities and spectral techniques, Indefinite-metric theories, Krein space methods, Open quantum systems, Biorthogonal systems and applications.
Scientific Committee

A. Andrianov (St.Petersburg, Russia)
F. Bagarello (Palermo, Italy)
C.M. Bender (St. Louis, USA)
E. Caliceti (Bologna, Italy)
A. Fring (London, UK)
J.P. Gazeau (Paris, France)
Sudhir R. Jain (Mumbai, India)
H. Jones (London, UK)
D. Krejcirik (Rez, Czech Republic)
A. Mostafazadeh (Istanbul, Turkey)
I.Rotter (Dresden, Germany)
C. Trapani (Palermo, Italy)
M. Znojil (Rez, Czech Republic)

Local Organizers
Fabio Bagarello
Roberto Passante
Camillo Trapani
Giorgia Bellomonte
Francesco Gargano
Margherita Lattuca
Salvatore Spagnolo
Salvatore Triolo
Francesco Tschinke

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Dipartimento di Matematica e Informatica (DMI)

Dipartimento di Energia, Ingegneria dell'Informazione e Modelli Matematici (DEIM)

Dipartimento di Fisica e Chimica (DIFC)

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Quick Contact
Email: phhqp15@unipa.it

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