Image Analysis and Processing

    Development of methodologies for the analysis of sparse images based on fuzzy-sets, graph-models and computational geometry [97/01, 98/01, 99/01, 99/02, 99/04, 00/01].
    Segmentation of multi-dimensional images, based on information fusion and unsupervised clustering algorithms [98/02].
    Applications to biomedical images, characters recognition, biomedical and astronomical data.

Machine Vision

    Design of architectures for vision:
    PAPIA-machine (Pyramid Array of Processors for Image Analysis).
    HERMIA-machine (Heterogeneous and Reconfigurable Machine for Image Analysis) [95/03].
    MVIF-machine (Multi-processor machine based on Visual Information Fusion) [95/01].

    Distributed architectures for perception:
    DAISY [97/02]
Pictorial languages
    PCL (Pyramid C Language) for parallel vision algorithms.
Visual Attention
    This research regards the role of symmetry operators in vision:
    Applications to image segmentation, selected attention, and Face Recognition, robotic vision.
    MRI-imaging (segmentation techniques based on fuzzy-clustering).
    ABR (Auditory Brainstem evoked Responce tracing).
    Cells-morphology analysis.
Software product
    R.S.I.S. (Remote Sensing Imaging System) WO-5144-03 & WO-8632-01, EPRI trade mark, Palo Alto - USA, December, 1998.