6th International Workshop

Data Analysis in Astronomy

«Livio Scarsi»

  “Modelling and Simulation in Science”

Ettore Majorana Foundation and Centre for Scientific Culture

15 - 22 April 2007, Erice, Italy




The “DAA - Data Analysis in Astronomy” Workshop series started more than twenty years ago with the aim to provide an updated overview of advanced methods and related applications to astronomy and astrophysics. The series, with its previous five sessions, strongly contributed to stimulate and enforce the scientific interaction between astrophysicists and experts in data analysis, which discussed, debated and compared results and methods, theory and experiments.

The 6th DAA Workshop, 15-22 April 2007, will open to further scientific areas, mainly addressing the basic approach to the world of simulation and modelling in three major branches of Science (Astrophysics, Biology and Climatology), by reporting on the present status of art and adopted lines of research. The analysis of the interrelation and the impact of new technologies and innovative design on fields such as Cosmology, Biology, Earth Environment, will represent the logical fallout of the initiative.

The Workshop is addressed to researches and Ph.D. students in the above-mentioned fields. The participation of young researchers and students is strongly encouraged.

The Workshop will be held at the “Ettore Majorana Foundation and Centre for Scientific Culture”, EMFCSC, Erice, Trapani, Italy.

On the behalf of Prof. A. Zichichi (President of the EMFCSC), the “DAA - Data Analysis in Astronomy” Workshops are from now dedicated to “Prof. Livio Scarsi”, who was the enthusiastic inspirer of the series.