Sisir Roy

Statistical Analysis of Quasar Data and Hubble Law

The quasar redshift data as compiled in Veron Cetty Catalogue as well as in Sloan Digital Survey Catalogue seem to be truncated. It requires special type of statistical tools to analyze these data.

We have used the special type of statistical tools as developed by Efron et al to handle these truncated data.  We are yet to finish our analysis for both the catalogues. However, the analysis so far we have done, clearly indicates that the linearity of log z and the apparent magnitude(m) holds up to very small redshift (z < .3).

The linearity of the Hubble relationship that exists between apparent magnitude and redshift has been studied in detail and found to be valid for galaxies at low redshift.

The Hubble relation plays an important role in modern cosmology. So our analysis will shed new light not only in quasar astronomy but also in the cosmological debate.