Marinella Sciortino

Associate Professor of Computer Science

Marinella Sciortino 

About Me


  • 17611 - Laboratorio di Algoritmi (Degree in Computer Science).
  • 17392 - Teoria dell'Informazione e Compressione Dati (Master Degree in Computer Science).


  • Main research lines: Combinatorics on Words, Algorithms on Strings, Automata Theory and Formal Languages, Symbolic Dynamics, Data Compression, Data Structures and Algorithms for the analysis of biological sequences. Some of the most cited publications are related to the extension of the Burrows-Wheeler Transform to a collection of sequences (Theoretical Computer Science 2007), the study of mathematical properties and the combinatorial analysis of the BWT (Information Processing Letters 2003) and the boosting of the BWT-based compression of sequences (Journal of the ACM 2005).
  • Supervisor or tutor of research grants: Roberto Vaglica (MIUR Research Fellow), Valerio Perticone (Project Research grant), Fabio D'Asaro (Project Research grant), Marco Elio Tabacchi (Project Research Fellow), D'Amico Andrea (Project Research grant), Michele Fiordispina (Project Research grant), Giuseppe Romana (current PhD student).