Calibration phase figures

Fig. 1S. Calibration phase for the choice of m: Recognition performance plots (group a) and percentage of minimum number of permanences plots (group b) for 3 different signal to noise ratio, snr = 1,2,4 (first, second, third column respectively). The bar in each plot groups the results for 10 experiments occurring at several threshold values (i.e number of cuts).

Fig. 2S. Calibration phase for the choice of K: The value for K is selected interactively by looking both at the plots of ϱ and MS.


Fig. 3S. A representative sample windows spanning 13 nuclesome where the agreement (disagreement) of the three methods is shown. The red draw represents the classification done by Pugh et Al. (2007)


Fig. 4S. Computation time performances: The execution time ratio Th/Tm of the MLM (Tm) and HMM (Th) for 10 synthetic signal generated with different number of well positioned nucleosomes. The dashed line shows the average execution time.